Fuel Scarcity Hits Lagos? o_O


In stations where petroleum products are sold, motorists were subjected to buying from one pump thereby causing panic, anxiety, and scarcity.

Some motorist said they have to pay as much as N200 before they were attended at some filling stations.

The acting Group General Manager of NNPC, Mr Feldelis Pepple, Public Affairs Division of the Corporation disclosed that the recently vandalized system 2B Network pipelines at Arepo is responsible for the scarcity.

“We have sufficient products, but we are having distribution challenges in getting the product to other states and to the final destination of selling”, he added.

Meanwhile, the NUPENG president, Igwe Achese has taken a swipe at the federal government for failing to revamp the nation’s refineries adding that private depot and jetty owners are not importing products presently.


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