The Truth About Wunmi Adebayo’s Murder: Police Investigations Concludes That Boyfriend Is INNOCENT


What really happened….
On monday 10th of September 2012, in the early hours of the morning, armed robbers visited Golden Estate, in Ijebu Ode. The armed robbers raided 3 houses before getting to the house were Wunmi was and probably still planned to go further. Present  in the flat was Wunmi, her boyfriend, her boyfriend’s elder brother, his wife and their 4 year old child. The thieves on reaching the flat commenced with the robbery.  From what was revealed during the open investigation and questioning yesterday,The robbers DID NOT RAPE Wunmi, rather, they were interested more in her jewelry. A next door neighbour, an Alfa(muslim cleric) , whose house the robbers would have gone  to next, said the next thing he heard was “Ole! ole!!!”, and then the sound of gunshots, followed by the groaning of someone in pain. He further stated that he assumed that it was his neighbours wife who had being shot, until after the robbers hurridly left( knowing that the gunshot would have been heard and alerted people around) that he found that it was Wunmi who had being shot in the mouth. The following day, the poilice came around and investigations started, and at that point it was said was assumed that she was killed by robbers.

How The Rumors Started
The vigilante in Golden estate after the faithful incident *claimed that they were un aware of any robbery incident. It was as a result that rumors started flying around and different stories and theories about how she was killed surfaced, including the voice message, and BBM broadcasts that were circulated. The stories got to the family of Wunmi who had initially rested the case, but insisted on a proper investigation on hearing that it was being said that there was  no robbery recorded. As a result, the Elewe eran police station middle of last week invited Wunmi’s boyfriend and a some of his friends for questioning, and they were held, pending the conclusion of investigation. The vigilante’s were also arrested and kept in custody.  On sunday morning, it is said that the viglante’s confessed to having knowledge of the robbery that took place in the estate that fateful night. When asked why they initially lied, they said they feared for their lives, and despite being armed with guns as well, were scared to challenge the robbers, as they were not sure if the robbers out numbered them.
Since the robbery incident last sunday, it is reported that Golden estate, has now became the favorite of robbers as it is alledged that about three robbery incidents has again been recorded in the past week, and that while some have temporarily moved out, others live in perpetual fear for their lives.

On sunday 16th September, 2012, in other to clear all rumours, and finally lay the matter to rest, the police took Wunmi’s boyfriend and his other friends who were arrested to the crime of the scene in Golden Estate. The landlords in the estate, the chief judge, IPO, robbery victims in the estate, witnesses and other unlookers interested in the case were present at this public investigation. It was, before everyone present  that questions were being asked, and witnesses gave their various accounts of how they were robbed and what happened the night Wunmi was killed.
The family has now dropped the case, and stated categorically that at no point was Wunmi’s spirit invoked. It has also being said that Wunmi’s boyfriend and friends who were invited for questioning and held at the Olowo eran police station will be officially released tomorrow as they are innocent and all that was said about them were rumours, fueled by the vigilante’s claim at the inital stage that there was no robbery.


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  1. Hmmmm! Social media and information, contradicting info is never good for the society. Read a blog a few days back claiming the boyfriend was an armed robber bla bla bla. God bless, cos the innocent shouldn’t suffer for the guilty!

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