Workers Die at Chinese Factory in Ikeja *Viewer Discretion Advised*


I received this mail some days ago, but there were no pictures. The sender just sent the pictures in and it’s not even an anonymous mail. Sometimes blogging could be tiring and sad. I just hate it when you receive such bad news and little or nothing is done about it. It’s just sad. I am only reporting so that you guys can see. People in authority will see this and might still ignore. The mail and the pictures below;


This is to notify you on this story that just got to me from my tribes man, whose brother is one of the dead boys. According to him, his brother worked with a Chinese company in Ikeja (name removed), and he worked at the factory sometime last week, and slept over. His where about could not be determined till the following evening, where his body and that of his friend were found inside the company’s swimming pool with blood coming out of their ears, nostrils, and mouth.
To my best of knowledge (i lost a brother to the pool, i.e got drowned). When a human drowns blood does not come out from those places, what we suspect is foul play, perhaps they must have seen or heard something they were not supposed to see or hear, or perhaps the company is into shady deals.
Please I would like to let the country know about the ills of most of these companies, we know they have strong backups, more so this is just one case we know, the next may be someone close to you.
Thank you for the job you guys have been doing for the country


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