Lagos State To Criminalize Smoking In Public


The Lagos state Government is set to ban smoking in public in the new traffic law. This it does, in line with theinternational community, clamoring for the reduction of smoking.
The state’s Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Ade Ipaye, made this known on Monday, September 18, 2012, when he stated that “the provisions of the new traffic laws had prohibited people from drinking or smoking while driving in the state.”
He hinted that the ban on smoking will be an extension of the state’s traffic law which already forbids drivers to drink.
He further stated that the new addition to the law pertaining to smoking is not just for safety reasons, but also for health reasons because the government eventually plans to ban smoking in all public places.
“It is an offence to drive drunk; if you’ve been taking drugs, this law provides for blood test to determine whether you have ingested drugs which are inconsistent with your ability to drive.”

“This law also makes it an offence to drive without a driver’s license, without proper plate numbers. It is an offence to use the phone while you are driving except you have hands-free set so you don’t need to put the set to your ear,” he added

Ipaye said the government decided to “criminalize” traffic offences and sanction offenders, as part of the strategy to bring the chaotic traffic situation within the metropolis under control.

Do you think Gov. Fashola is going too far with this new law, or it’s a welcome development?

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