World’s Fattest Woman Found Innocent of Murder


A new documentary is set to reveal the astonishing true life story of a woman who testified falsely to murder but was found innocent on the grounds that her burgeoning obesity could never have allowed her to commit the crime. TLC’s Half-Ton Killer? tells of how, in March 2008, Texan Mayra Rosales, 31, told police officers that she had killed her two-year-old nephew, Eliseo Jr, by accidentally rolling on top of him while babysitting.

Not going anywhere: Mayra (pictured with her husband Bernie)

Such was her 1,100lb frame, Mayra imagined her story to be believable, but after doctors revealed that the boy could only have died from a blow to the head, the reality that she was so big she couldn’t move her arm, became her attorney’s main argument for her defence
Front door: Authorities had to cut a whole in the side of her sister’s house to get Mayra out and take her to hospital to be treated for chronic obesity-related issues


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