(SPORTZ) AMBROSE: Ghana, Civ Are No Threat To Eagles



 Super Eagles star, Efe Ambrose, says Ghana and Ivory Coast will not be stumbling blocks in Nigeria’s way to winning  the 2013 African Cup of Nations. In this exclusive interview with BAMIDELE BOLUWAJI, the Celtic FC of Scotland player says he will be available for the African showpiece in South Africa

Having scored Nigeria’s first goal in the 6-1 victory over Liberia, how do you feel and what does that goal mean to you as a player?

It was a moment of joy for me scoring for Nigeria in such a crucial match, I feel happy and glad as a Super Eagles player. We discussed before the match that the only thing that can help us was for us not to allow the Liberians to score against us and when the match started, God used me to score the first goal. I felt very happy and I can tell you that the goal demoralized them because they did not know that it was going to come early and we capitalized on it to score more. Personally, it was a good goal for me and I am happy to score the first goal.

But how would you rate the Liberians in the 2013 African Cup of Nations qualifier?

I won’t say the Liberians were easy because they also wanted to be at the Nations Cup but the 2-2 draw we played in the Monrovia was very painful and we saw the last qualifying match as the only way we can pay them back and we went for it and got it. The fact that we beat them 6-1 does not mean that they were not strong, even after the first two goals we scored, they were still very strong and searching for goals as well but we had told ourselves before the match that we were going to fight till the end of the game. I don’t really believe that there is still minnow in football again because everyone wants to be at the Nations Cup and the World Cup.

But did you know that the Super Eagles were going to score up to six goals in the encounter?

No, but one thing I was sure of was that were going to win because if you had watched our trainings before the match, you would have seen the spirit in us. Everybody was like killing the Liberians after the 2-2 draw we played in the country, so we went out with everything in us to get the victory.

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