Rihanna Posts Half Naked Pic Of Chris Brown On Instagram


The duo in the club

Rihanna and Chris deny vehemently that they are not back together, so what is Rihanna doing posting a picture of half naked Chris Brown on Photo sharing site Instagram? Your guess is as good as mine.
Preceding the topless photo, the two were earlier sited partying together in Berlin at a Thanksgiving partying on Thursday, after which they left the club together, in the same car.

Rihanna posted a topless photo of Chris
Earlier in the day, Chris Brown was snapped wearing a Simpson inspired outfit some of which are seen scattered on the bed in the picture above
Rihana and Breezy enter the same car after partying together

From all indication, there is something “more” than just platonic friendship going on between the two. But then they’ve said it all…“It aint nobody’s business”. Lolz


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