Patrick Obahiagbon Reacts To Jubilation Of Some Muslims Over Yakowa’s Death


Popular lexicologist and politician Pat Obahiagbon known for taking to social networking mediums to discuss political issues using heavy diction is at it again.
The latest is his reaction to the jubilation of some Muslims over the death of Kaduna State’s former Governor Yakowa. He said:
“Whilst I feel tongue tied that we are witnessing another ‘air mishap’ that has taken the lives of fellow Nigerians, I am utterly shocked to hear of the jubilation in certain Northern political quarters and muslim youths in Kaduna State. Just too too cruddy and it is beyond the fugacious razzmatazz of the moment.
“I seriously call attention to the rutilanting and coruscating modus vivendi of Master Jesus the Christ and I dare pontificate that save and until we viscerally emblematize the virtues of self-immolation, quintessential abnegation, eulogizeable simplicity, humility and immerse ourselves in a platonic emotionalism of agape love and communalistic service and head to unity as one nation.”

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  1. You successfully cook up rubbish/lie….Real bloggers don’t write shit that never happened. I’m a muslim and up till this moment, feels pained to see Yakowa dead. forget the fact that he’s a Christian, we all love him. and everyday pray for God to grant him paradise. and if Pat Obahiagbon should see the rubbish you attributed to his name, your site may be delving into a real Broadcasting problem.

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