Doctor Who Treated Late Actress Bisi Komolafe Speaks On Strange Illness That Took Her Life


Amidst various accusations and a pool of controversies, the doctor who treated late actress Bisi Komolafe before she was transferred to UCH opens up about the strange illness that kept drying up her blood without any visible sign of active bleeding.
He said:

It was not just a miscarriage she had I treated her in my hospital few weeks before her demise where i counselled and referred her to UCH. She kept on receiving blood without bleeding and her pcv kept on going down. I learnt the pregnancy was terminated to save her life and in all she took about 40 units of blood withing 3 months. it was not negligence on the part of the Doctors who saw her but the nature of an ailment that kept drying up her blood without any active bleeding in her body.

Also her husband spoke this morning to Naijahottestgist, addressing the accusations level against him as being behind Bisi’s mysterious death. According to him:


I didnt take Bisi’s property,i dont think it is a proper thing for family members to be fighting me for Bisi’s properties less than 24hours after Bisi’s death when we should be mourning her. Bisi died at age 27 and it is sad. I am sending the Honda pilot back to them. Sadly, Bisi’s parents do not have issues with me but her extended family members-pls note i have given them time and place to pick the car.
On the Accusation he went back to pack Bisi properties…
i came back to Nigeria on Oct 24th and bisi and i left the ikorodu flat on OCT 26TH and till i talk i have never been to the ikorodu apartement i rented for her,it is shocking what i am hearing,when i meet bisi she was living in Ajao Estate i was the one who rented the Ikorodu apartement for her.
On Accusation he was Hiding bisi from people…
I had to change Bisi’s numbers because she needed rest. When she was ill people kept calling her for work. It is sad that Bisi died the way she did, but one of the main issue between me and her family was that when Bisi’s sickness dragged on, I went spiritual and we were told her problems were spirtural but her family didn’t allow us to take her for spiritual care. I loved Bisi till she died and she loved me, what property of Bisi will i take? Please go and ask about me I am from a good family background and we are comfortable,my father retired as a permanent secretary in Lagos and I have a thriving Car business.
ON Going back to his former wife…
 All that are craps,Till bisi died she was my wife and i will forever cherish her.”


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  1. I believe the years which one leave on earth does not count nor the property one has has nothing to do with that person at death. What matter so much is the soul. So what we shall be bother about in this world is after here where is our soul going to? I am sure if we take time to ask ourselves this questions individually wickedness will be reduce to the last.

    Human being have really gone away from God & eternity.That is the main reason why they go about joining secret cult to make name or money. what have you (name or money) in this wicked world & loosing your soul before GOD. It is a great pity. Pls come to Jesus today the only saviour of your soul & you will not regret been a child of GOD save by the atoning blood of JESUS.

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