How Rapper Freddie E Committed Suicide Over Ex Girlfriend Honey Cocaine


The death of upcoming rapper and YouTube sensation Freddie E who committed suicide recently, has triggered off a lot of backlash and trolls on the net and social media platforms.Considering that Freddie E committed suicide after his ex girlfriend Honey Cocaine-also an upcoming rapper- left him, the reaction of fans and young people all around the world is expected.
What makes Freddie’s case even more peculiar is the fact that he tweeted about killing him self and pulling the trigger, which people initially considered a sick joke until he was found dead.

Freddie,22, who before his death appeared very happy reportedly got suicidal after his girlfriend and label mate Honey Cocaine broke up with him and posted on twitter that she was “single”.
After it was realized that Freddie’s tweets were real and he had indeed committed suicide-Cambodian rapper from Toronto-Honey Cocaine has being the target of sick internet trolls.
But it doesn’t just end there. A new conspiracy theory has now sprung up on social media indicating that Honey Cocaine caused Freddie E to kill himself a s a sacrifice to the Illuminati occult(an 18th century Bavarian secret society of powerful people that has stampeded its way back into modern conspiracy theory).   The trolls are suggesting that If her sacrifice is accepted, she will be made into a “true star” like Beyonce, Rihanna and other alleged members.
Responding to all the allegations, Honey Cocaine who initially said she was single has this to say:
From all indication, Freddie E truly cared about his ex girlfriend Honey Cocaine, and even a couple of weeks before his death referred to her as his future wife:
However, his close friends it turns out didn’t share his enthusiasm and one them has this to say:

you said something about being alone and all that shit so I went on your lil crushes twitter, Honey Cocaine. And she talking about being single and how she didn’t tell anybody to fall in love with her. And looking at the tweets and the post you said on facebook a few weeks back about you in love with her and you’ll take a bullet for her, I am praying you didn’t do this over a bitch.”


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