‘The Only Time I Hit My Ex’ – Newly Married Actor Ibrahim Explains


“I didn’t batter my ex-wife contrary to what people think. The only time I hit her was the day she slapped me for dating another woman. We were not married. We dated and we had a baby. The mother of my child never stayed at home whenever I away for movie roles. She was always away and because of her attitude I started dating other women who helped me at home. She was misbehaving so I had to let her go. I couldn’t condone her indecent dressing. We were not married but that does not give her the right to misbehave. The mistake I made was to feature her in my movie. The result was that she wouldn’t come home for months. I was the one taking care of our child. Is that a woman to marry? I dumped her because I could no longer cope with her” – Newly married actor Ibrahim Chatta said when asked why he didn’t marry his babymama.

Ibrahim Chatta married the daughter of former Kwara State governor, Salamatu Lafiaji, on Sunday December 30th 2012.


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