5 Kids of the Same Parents Burnt To Death in their Home


Five children of the same parents were yesterday night burnt to death in a fire incident that consumed their home at E36, Fakere Street, Kakuri, Kaduna State, North west Nigeria.

An eyewitness, Steve Akerele said the fire started in one of the rooms where the father of the children, Mohammed Okene, a local petroleum marketer, kept some petroleum products.

The man had gone to St. Gerald General Hospital to see his wife and mother of the children, who put to bed through a caesarean operation, when the fire broke out.
According to him, the fire had engulfed the whole room before neighbours put it out and rushed the children to the hospital. One of them died instantly and this morning, it was confirmed that the remaining four had died.

While Mohammed had gone home to see the extent of damage, the mother of the children has not been informed of the tragedy.

Source: Pm News


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