Actress Liz Anjorin ~ I Can’t Marry ‘Ego Better Man’, They Are Terrible People


Actress Liz Anjorin granted an interview to PUNCH recently, in which she opened up about her past feud with fellow actress Iyabo Ojo, her relationship with other colleagues including late Bisi Komolafe and her single status. See excerpts below:

On why actresses want to marry comfortable men…
Poor men are terrible people. They can do and undo. Because they don’t have money or name to protect, they will be ruthless. They will even be after your life. You will see them going from one newspaper to another saying nasty things about you. A comfortable man will hardly go on air and abuse his wife. I will take my time to get married and when I choose, it will be the right person.
On whether she intends to marry a comfortable man too…
I will not lie. I cannot marry ‘e go better’ man. Please, it will not happen. What a man has in his bank account doesn’t always determine if he is rich or not. But his attitude also matters. The guy has to be trustworthy. He too has to trust me as his wife.

On  relationship with Bisi Komolafe who died recently…
She was a younger colleague. She was a nice girl. It is a pity that she passed on. If her burial had been her wedding, she wouldn’t have had that kind of turn out.  You wouldn’t have seen my colleagues that went there. But look at how all of them stormed the burial ceremony and were crying.  If that number of people had cared and visited her when she was in the hospital, we probably wouldn’t have lost her.  People should appreciate others  when they are alive. You don’t have to pretend you care after the person has died. It is pretence. Her death was so pathetic. She was just 27. A star just faded. A lot of people have been there for donkey years and nobody recognised them. This lady just came and became a star. She didn’t die in vain. She has a legacy. People will always remember her.

Read full interview HERE.


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