(PICZ) Women Pose Naked For Project (+18)


To many, women exposing the naked form for any reason is unacceptable, but this is for a good cause.
In a world where we are bombarded with pictures of Photo shopped women and supermodels in magazines who look like perfectly sculpted specimens, one photographer has made it his mission to glorify the natural beauty of the naked female body.

Matt Blum, a Minneapolis based photographer, and his wife Katy launched ‘The ‘The Nu Project’ in 2005 and have captured more than 150 women in the comfort of their own homes.
He asks women to volunteer for the project and shows up at their door, having never seen them before, for the nude photo shoot.
The women are of all colors, shapes and sizes. Participants heard about the project through word of mouth or Craigslist.
‘I believe that women are judged more harshly by appearance, and that’s why I’ve focused this project on women,’ Blum said in a description of the project on his website. He hopes the experiences encourages women to embrace their shape and not feel ashamed at their bodies.
All women must be 21 years of age to participate and sign a release before the shoot.
‘From what I’ve experienced, 99 per cent of the women who’ve participated have told me that they saw themselves differently and that they felt more beautiful,’ Blum said in a Reddit discussion on the project.
‘I got into this work because I didn’t like the amount of nude photography that was either focused on a) perfect bodies or b) making women look extremely average just to prove that everyone is average.’

Truth is, we all cant be slim, big, shapy, tall, short or what have you. But in diverse ways, we are all beautifully made. Do share your thoughts on ‘The Nu Project’.


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