(EVENT) @Camo_Ent #VINTAGE The Blak Edition. 23rd March. Blak Lounge Elegushi Beach.


After the anticipated action movies produced by camouflage entertainments namely: Night Train, Pisces, Frisky, L.A.B (Life’s A Beach)

A new movie is yet to be seen make history again!…..

Starring: Malay Money, 2.1boyz, Royal House, camouflage family, Blak ent.

Media by: Oluremi Samson Photography and Kay-Maku Photography.


»The Blak Edition«



TAX – 2K(doors opened to old G’s) LADIES FREE
Free Cocktails for all the ladies powered by Hennessey cognac

For enquiries/birthday reservations/booking:
Wale camo – 25BAF2A3 (08186027163)
Sera – 2926E854 (08037319334)
Joy – 2A837DAB (08182800317)
Whendy – 2816D680 (08099589988)
Tunji – 2267C291 (07061106977)
Samson – 2A094A8E (08067006273)
Shady – 260451AA (08108151441)
Timmy – (08134257614)

Come and make history! #Bless



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