Rape In Nigeria Now Attracts Life Imprisonment


Yesterday 5th March 2013, House of Representatives adopted the recommendations of its committee that any person convicted of rape is liable to life imprisonment. This was a key part of the recommendations of the House of Representatives’ report on a bill for an Act on Violence Against Persons.
The legislation stipulates that any person convicted of rape is liable to life imprisonment and persons convicted of gang rape shall be liable jointly and severally to a minimum of 20 years imprisonment without an option of fine. However, the bill states that where the offender is less than 14 years, the offender shall be liable to a minimum of 14 years imprisonment and a minimum of 12 years without an option of fine.

The bill also approved 25 years imprisonment for any person who attempts to use chemical, biological or any harmful liquid on another person.

It also provides that any person who incites, aids, abets, or counsels another person to commit violence is guilty of the offence and liable on conviction to three years imprisonment or N200,000 fine or both.

Accordingly, any person convicted of performing female circumcision and general mutilation or engaging someone to carry it out risks four years in jail or a fine not more than N200,000 or both.

The bill also stipulates that aiding female circumcision attracts N100,000 or two years in jail or both.

Furthermore, any person convicted of frustrating investigation and prosecution of offenders is guilty of felony and liable on conviction to imprisonment of not more than three years or a fine not exceeding N500,000.


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