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Most of you have been seeing AMVCA everywhere but still no idea what it is? Where you been? Limbo? Ok read all about it below. #AMVCA starts 7PM today. Just follow @UnilagOlodo on twitter for Live Updates.

  1. Why has AfricaMagic created the AfricaMagic Viewers’ Choice Awards, in association with MultiChoice?


The AMVCAs were created to celebrate African film and television talent, both in front of and behind the cameras. The Awards will feature some special categories in which viewers will decide the winners directly, alongside several professionally judged categories. Commenting on the Awards, M-Net Africa Managing Director Biola Alabi says that it is an opportunity to build a pan-African event that is both relevant to industry professionals and vastly entertaining to fans.


“It has been part of our plan to create a specific event that honors, celebrates and recognizes those people who are giving so much of their talent and creativity to ensuring the popularity and evolution of African film and TV. And to do this in partnership with MultiChoice illustrates the level to which both companies value this industry and are willing to invest in its future. We are aiming to create a platform that showcases and supports the film and television community, while simultaneously entertaining and engaging viewers.”


Further, MultiChoice and AfricaMagic both have a long history of investing widely into the film and television industry across the continent. Having together launched 8 AfricaMagic channels since 2003, it was a logical progression for these two brands to partner on this very exciting initiative.


  1. Who is the headline sponsor for the 2013 AMVCAs?

The AfricaMagic Viewers’ Choice Awards are being held in association with MultiChoice and are sponsored by Nigeria’s number 1 low sugar malt drink, Amstel Malta.


  1. When and where was the AMVCAs launched?

The AMVCAs were first launched in September 2012, during a special edition of the Nollywood themed magazine show JARA.



  1. When were the nominations for the 2013 AMVCAs announced?

The nominees for the 2013 AMVCAs were announced during a special one hour edition of glam lifestyle series 53 EXTRA on Monday January 28 at 21:00 CAT on AfricaMagic, AfricaMagic Entertainment*, AfricaMagic Movies, AfricaMagic Movies 1, AfricaMagic World.



  1. Who selected the nominees for the 2013 AMVCAs?

The nominee selection team comprised of the following persons: Allison Triegaardt, Armand-Guy de Beer, Bongiwe Selane, Deborah Odutayo, Ebou Waggeh, Eileen Sandrock, Njoki Muhoho, Phad Mutumba and Richard West, along with Executive Judge Femi Odugbemi.


  1. How many categories can audiences vote for and how many categories will be decided by the industry judging panel?

The AMVCAs includes 6 categories where viewers will vote for winners and 18 more technically focused categories where winners will be selected by an expert industry based judging panel. In addition a Trailblazer of the Year Award and Industry Merit Award will be issued.


  1. In which six categories can viewers vote for winners?

Viewers can vote for winners in the following six categories:


  • Best Actress in A Drama
  • Best Supporting Actress in A Drama
  • Best Actress in A Comedy
  • Best Actor in A Drama
  • Best Supporting Actor in A Drama
  • Best Actor in A Comedy


  1. In which categories will winners be chosen by the industry judging panel?

Best Costume Designer, Best Short Film, Best Writer (Comedy), Best Sound Editor, Best Movie Director, Best Lighting Designer, Best Art Director, Best Movie (Overall), Best Picture Editor, Best Movie (Comedy), Best Movie (Drama), Best Local Language Movie (Yoruba), Best Local Language Movie (Hausa), Best Local Language Movie (Swahili), Best Writer (Drama), Best Television Series, Best Cinematographer and Best Make-Up Artist.


The reason that these categories are not being judged by viewers is because they are more technical in nature and, as such, should be judged by professionals who have insight and knowledge into the relevant fields.


  1. Why will there be no winners in the Best Documentary and Best Online categories?

To ensure that the awards specifically recognize outstanding achievement, the AMVCAs did not name nominees in two categories (Best Documentary and Best Online Video) as the nominee selection team had preferred to award certificates of encouragement instead to all entrants. It is hoped that with an improvement in entries for these two categories, the next edition of the AMVCAs can include winners for these categories.


  1. In the categories open for viewer voting, how does one vote?
  • Results verified by the accounting firm of SizweNtsalubaGobodo.
  • Voting was online and via SMS
  • Voting closed at midnight CAT on March 3, 2013.




  1. Who is the Executive Judge for the AMVCA and what is their role?

The Executive judge of the 2013 AMVCAs is Nigerian film and television icon Femi Odugbemi. He is responsible for ensuring that all judges are clear on and understand fully the judging standards and processes. Further he will oversee the process to ensure that the same judging standards are consistently maintained throughout the AMVCA process. This is why he is the only individual to sit on both the nominee selection panel and the industry judging panel.


  1. Where and when will the 2013 AMVCA winners be announced?

The winners of the 2013 AMVCAs will be announced during two ceremonies to be held in Lagos, Nigeria on March 8 and March 9, 2013. The gala event on Saturday March 9 will be screened live to sub-Saharan African on the same AfricaMagic channels that screened the nominees’ announcement. (i.e. AfricaMagic, AfricaMagic Entertainment, AfricaMagic Movies, AfricaMagic Movies 1 and AfricaMagic World). The awards on March 9 will be available on both DStv and GOtv. It atarts at 19:00 WAT


  1. Why did the organizers decide to host the awards events in Lagos?

Given that the Nigerian film community is a significant creator and producer of movies in Africa, it was a natural choice for MultiChoice and AfricaMagic to host the very first Awards in this country.


  1. What will the winners of the AMVCA receive?

The winners of the AMVCA will receive a special edition AMVCA trophy to mark their accomplishment. However there are no cash prizes for any of the winners as the focus of the awards is to deliver to winners’ recognition for their efforts. The reward should come in the form of increased continental exposure for the winners of themselves and their work, and a further entrenching of their statures as film and TV professionals of high value. Prizes, in addition to the trophy, may be allocated to the winners of the Industry Merit Award and the TrailBlazer of the Year Award.


  1. What does the AMVCA winners’ trophy look like?

Merging the timeless potential of wood with the age old strength of bronze, the trophy is a curving sculpture of fluid lines that symbolizes movement while retaining a simple shape and a solid structure. Mounted on a base of glossy mahogany, three separate polished blades, colored a warm glittering gold, converge and in doing so reveal the subtle silhouette of a woman. This feminine figure at the heart of it all has, in many ways, quietly become an enduring image of the AfricaMagic brand as it has evolved over the past decade. With the blades representing the three key elements of African storytelling (place, personality and passion), the overall significance of the trophy is enhanced. And fittingly, the triple blade design also speaks to the three dimensional identity of the AfricaMagic brand – programming made in Africa, by Africa for Africa.


  1. Where can I get more information on the AMVCAs?

Simply log on to www.africamagic.tv



  1. Is this a one-off event or is this intended to be an annual event?

MultiChoice and AfricaMagic intend for the AfricaMagic Viewers’ Choice Awards to become an annual event that will not only serve as a calendar highlight for the African film and television community, but also for continental audiences watching at home.


  1. How are these Awards different from other film and television awards that are currently in the market?

Both AfricaMagic and MultiChoice are aware of other film and television awards currently available on the continent. The AfricaMagic Viewers’ Choice Awards serves to complement these initiatives and not to compete with them. The key differences between the AfricaMagic Viewers’ Choice Awards and other awards of this genre are that the AMVCAs will be screened live to 47 countries across the continent and will include public voting in specific categories.


  1. Why is it called the AfricaMagic Viewers’ Choice Awards when viewers will only select winners in certain categories?

AfricaMagic viewers are at the heart of the brand’s phenomenal success and so the awards are named to honor the loyalty and support of these audiences. However, certain categories are best judged by industry experts and film/TV professionals who have a broad understanding and detailed knowledge of the skills required to produce and create different successful film and television products.


Now you know all about #AMVCA btw it starts 7PM today. Just follow @UnilagOlodo on twitter for Live Updates.


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