Lagos & Abuja Ranked Among the Top 4 Most Expensive Cities in Africa


A recent ranking released by the the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), a sister company of The Economist magazine on 25 African cities has placed Lagos and Abuja among the top four cities in Africa with the highest cost of living.

The key results of the cost of living rankings per city reveals that Abuja is the second most expensive city in Africa with a total expenditure score of 107.4. Lagos comes fourth with 100.8 total expenditure. Ranking first on the list as Africa’s most expensive city is Luanda in Angola with a score of 131.8, while Addis Ababa came last with a score of 60.8.

In other rankings, Abuja emerged as the 12th city in terms of consumption of alcoholic beverages, tobacco and narcotics, while Lagos took the 21st position among the 25 cities surveyed.

In terms of money spent on transportation, Lagos and Abuja emerged 15th and 22nd out of the 25 cities, scoring 107.5 and 91.7, respectively. Top on this list is Abidjan with 172.0 score spent on transportation, while Alexandra in Egypt came last with a score of 71.7.


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