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Inspired Youths Event Ushers is an event/entertainment company focused on event (corporate, casual, sports etc.) ushering, our other services are Training/grooming event ushers, Scouting/training of product and services model at the request of a client etc. Being a group of very vibrant and inspired youths we bring liveliness, style, charisma and fun to any events we usher, we are a very organized group of elites and our mission at every event we usher is not just to satisfy our clients but also make sure their guest leave the venue fascinated by our awe-inspiring services.

Aside Ushers we also have Servers, Greeters, Bartenders, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen etc. and our Services are provided at Indoor and Outdoor Events such as: Banquet, Private Party, Barbecue, Picnic, Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception, School Function, Photo/Video shoot, Exhibition, Trade Show, Conference, Seminar, Business Meeting, Concert, Live Show, Festival, Carnival, Flea Market, Rehearsal, Cinema etc.

Other Details

Vision To be a first-class Event Ushering company and enhance the quality of accessible Event Ushering services


Mission To nurture Event Ushers and promote Event Ushering services by providing and supporting quality training that enables the Ushers to provide their absolute best Services to our Clients.


Motto we guarantee exquisite services






  • To bring high standard, well-equipped and sophisticated event ushering services to the awareness to clients.
  • Set the standard for other ushering corporations to follow and contribute to evolving the quality of event ushering services from what it is presently.
  • To become, a household name.
  • To promote Event Ushering services and make it easily accessible by our clients without any hassles.



The training we believe is necessary for Ushers to improve on their Ushering skills, the new ones to learn the essentials that will enable them turn out exceptional Ushers and for corporate/individual bodies to understand the services they pay for i.e. the quality of services to expect from Ushers.


Date: 18th and 28th May 2013      Time 8am – 4pm (Both Saturdays)

Venue: Mainspring Center, suite 6, 2nd floor, Block B, Alausa Shopping Mall

131 Awolowo way (by radio Bus Stop), Ikeja, Lagos



v  Ushers and their expected qualities

v  Duties of an Usher

v  Interpersonal Skill/Customer care relation

v  Etiquettes

v  Personal hygiene

v  Dress Ethics

v  Safety and Health

v  Communication skill

v  Marketing




The following are objectives of this Training:

  • To promote  high standard, well equipped and sophisticated event ushering services and contribute to evolving  the quality of event ushering services from what it is presently
  • To promote Event Ushering services and make it easily ac


v  Mrs. Funke Obruthe-Bucknor

(CEO/MD, Zapphaire Event)

v  Lady Maria Eka (CEO, Mainspring Consult)

v   Ms. Cecili Nnamani/Teddy O. Abel

(Manager, Rubabs Rouge)

v  Mr. Jerry Oche (COO SEC INC.)

v  Mr. Kadiri Shamusideen (Principal Consultant, MNISP, MASSE)

Target Audience


v Event Ushers

v Aspiring ushers

v Event/Entertainment Companies

v Any Company that employ the services of event ushers

Benefits of attending training

v Improve in your Ushering skills

v First 100 Ushers to pay stand a chance of becoming Inspired youths Event Urshers and the following 100 join our waiting list

v You stand a chance to usher for big corporate and event management organizations (Note: we usher at all classes of event)

v Stand a chance to be trained by highly experienced personae in a tranquil  environment

v You stand a chance to be the lucky winner of our raffle


Pay on or before 10th May 2013 and enjoy 10% discount (Pay N9000 only)!!!

All interested persons can pay into:

 A/C No; 0122212140 A/C Name; Inspired Youths Event Urshers

At any, Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) branch….

Proceed to the venue for receipt or sent your Name, Teller number and Email to o8108653403 for confirmation SMS and Email (Bring the print out to the training)

For further enquiries connect


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