23-Year Old Woman Gives Birth To Quintuples


A 23-year-old Czech woman has given birth to quintuplets, the the first to be born in her country. Officials at Prague’s Institute for the Care of Mother and Child say four boys — Deniel, Michael, Alex, Martin, and a girl, Terezka, were born by cesarean section on Sunday.
Zbynek Stranak, chief doctor at the neonatal section of the institute says the birth took place “without any complications.”Alexandra-Kinova2 Czech Republic Quintuplets bump

The family did not know what the sex of the all the babies were until they were born because two were hidden in the scan.
Stranak says that Alexandra Kinova and her five babies have been placed at an intensive care unit. He says the babies who were naturally conceived have a 95-percent chance to grow up healthy.
The father was present at the birth.
Kinova who is from Milovice, a town located northeast of Prague, already had a son. Alexandra Kinova, the 23-year-old from Czech Republic has defied odds of 50 million to one to conceive the five babies without using IVF.
The mother-of-six did not realise she was carrying five babies until last month. At first doctors said she was having twins but in March staff said she was actually pregnant with four children.
Ms Kinova told Czech news site denik.cz this month that she was in shock when she was told the news.

She said: ‘When we finally found a fifth head, I started to cry.’
The mother said both she and her partner have a family history of twins. She said: ‘I very much look forward to seeing how they will look. It’s a great charm, but we cannot see anything properly – only a head or legs.’
The hospital planned to double the number of doctors and midwives for her Caesarean. They said they have administered drugs to help speed up the development of the babies’ lungs.
Father of first Czech quintuplets Antonin Kroscen smiles during a press conference held in Prague, Czech Republic, on Sunday, June 2, 2013, after his 23 year-old partner Alexandra Kinova delivered four boys and one girl at Prague’s maternity hospital earlier in the morning.Alexandra-Kinova-father Alexandra-Kinova-incubat Alexandra-Kinova-baby11 Alexandra-Kinova-during1 Alexandra-Kinova-b41


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