Nigerian Women Lead In Global Skin-Bleaching Records


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A recent report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) says that Nigeria has the world’s highest number of women who bleach their skin with 77 percent compared to Togo – 59 percent – and Senegal’s 27 percent.


According to the report, this increase could be a result of the importance attached to being fair-skinned in Africa.

Lighter-skinned women are considered by many as more likely to be successful, with better chances of getting married.
The use of skin-lightening products is not without its side effects though as consumers are susceptible to cancers of the skin, liver, kidney and blood (leukaemia.) amongst other ailments. While the use of skin-bleaching products is more common with women, some men have also been found to constantly use same.
The WHO report mentions Nigeria’s lack of regulation on sale of bleaching creams, soaps etc. Most of it is sold by roadside vendors or in unapproved drug stores without content labels or endorsements, hence little is known of what they actually contain and the ensuing side effects.


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