The Many Bonds Between Psquare’s Lola Omatayo and Wizkid’s Tani Omotayo



Lola Omotayo and Tani Omotayo
Lola Omotayo and Tani Omotayo

Psquare‘s Lola Omatayo and Wizkid‘s Tani Omotayo are well know in the entertainment circle because of their relationships with celebrity partners. Lola Omotayo is Peter Okoye‘s baby mama and Tani Omotayo is Wizkid‘s “True” love, at least for the mean time. However, that is not the only similarity between these two extremely beautiful ladies. It seems to me as more than mere coincidence the number of similarities or say bond between Lola Omotayo and Tani Omotayo.

Peter-and-Lola-OmotayoFirst thing that strikes one about these two ladies is that they are extremely beautiful as mentioned earlier. Asides that, they look alike and almost carry the same eyes, smile and complexion…one could easily commit to say they probably are sisters.


Secondly, and obviously, Lola Omotayo and Tani Omotayo share the same surname! And both of them come from very wealthy families.

Thirdly, Lola and Tani are both half-castes, both have Nigerian dad and White mum.

Fourthly, it has also been revealed that Tani Omotayo studied in the US just like Lola.
We are not speculating anything, but let us assume Lola and Tani Omotayo are sisters, do the logic…then, Peter Okoye and Wizkid will end up being in-laws. Imagine two sisters dating two super big celebrities.One can easily recall that Wizkid was one of the very few who attended the 3rd year birthday of Peter Okoye’s son, Cameron.





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