(VIDEO) Bolt And Betty’s Sex Scene (Part1) #BBATheChase


betty boltOk here it is! What all you pervz been waiting for! Sex scene lol. Anyway here’s Sierra Leone’s Bolt and Ethiopia’s Betty doing the deed in the house. Err its safe to say the Niggu Bolted straight into Betty’s P yh?

Oh yeah! there’s more! CLICK HERE For Part 2


(VIDEO) Tillaman ~ Ori Owo
(VIDEO) Bolt And Betty's Sex Scene (Part2) #BBATheChase


  1. This is absolutely nothing else but a crap, a waste of time stuff# do u even nid to post something of this nature when this side is known to be an entertanment (social) and not a nude one and if u r to post u don’t nid to post empty cos nothing funny in seeing both of dem under bedseat while making love so make u forget crap and something that makes sense

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