(PICZ) Man Who Spent Fortune To Look Like Superman


Herbert Chavez, a Superman fan from the Philippines, is so obsessed with the Man of Steel that he underwent over 17 plastic surgery procedures just to look like his favorite superhero.
37-year-old Herbert Chavez has dramatically altered his appearance through plastic surgery to look like Superman.
The self made Superman, who first went under the knife in 1995 has had several procedures including a chin augmentation to get Superman’s cleft, rhinoplasty to get Christopher Reeve’s nose, silicone injections for more plump lips and even thigh implants for a more muscular look. Examining the before and after photos, they speculate he may also have had eye surgery, cheek augmentation and jaw augmentation.

Chavez, who works as a pageant trainer also has a sizable collection of Superman memorabilia, including life-size statues, action figures, clothing, comics and all sorts of other stuff.
“I adore superheroes,” explains Chavez. “I am happy as Superman, and happier still to have Filipinos realise that Superman lives in the Philippines and they can see and talk to him in the flesh.”

More picz below”

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