Man Allegedly Sedated And Raped Man Who Called Him ‘Uncle’


It is a sad story, a frightening betrayal of family trust. To many, it’s something that defies logic, because no one has ever seen a male dog, despite its high libido, doing such a thing with another male dog. For the fact a man was involved in it, and in a highly cosmopolitan city like Kaduna where all kinds of women abound who could have served that purpose for a fee, or even for free depending on how persuasive one could be, many are now disturbed. The thinking in many quarters is that, perhaps, the people of the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah are gradually reincarnating in the crocodile city.

For Hajiya Fati, it’s a sad tale to tell, but considering the degree of betrayal, she was prepared to go to any length to seek justice for her son who was allegedly sedated, sodomised and blackmailed by a businessman who hitherto was highly respected and revered by neighbours in the elitist Malali area of Kaduna metropolis.
Amid sobs, she prayed that such a thing would never happen again to any family, and hoped against hope that the dirty act would not be revealed to her ailing husband, the father of her son, Kabiru, who is now coping with the sad and painful experience he suffered in the hands of a close and trusted family friend – a man who had once played with him on his laps as a baby, but who would one day turn into a sex predator, forcefully gaining entry into his anal region after drugging him with a hot tea.

Narrating his ordeal, Kabiru, who appears to be in his early 30s, said he was invited by Alhaji Habu to his Malali house and was offered food to eat. After the meal, he vomited because he was not feeling well. According to him, his host offered him tea, which he drank and immediately, he fell asleep in the house, with no one around.

According to him, the tea, which he suspected was drugged, threw him into a state of illusion, but he felt it when Alhaji Habu allegedly penetrated him.

“He was already inside me and I tried to free myself, but my body was weak because of the tea. I gained a little strength and tried to push him aside, but he said he would give me whatever I wanted if I could cooperate. I saw a knife and rushed for it but he held my hand and slapped me, forcing me down. When I was able to grab the knife again, he held my hand, and in the struggle, I was wounded. I fought with the knife to free myself, screaming for help. It was late at night and when I was able to push the door and escaped, I screamed and some people came to help me. The police came from Malali Police Station and took us to the Garkuwa Hospital,” he recounted.

Kabiru said he had never involved in such abnormal sexual act, and expressed sadness that a person he called ‘uncle’ could do such a thing to him.
Hajiya Fati insisted there was no homosexual relationship between her son and one Alhaji Habu; but she maintained the suspect had been well known to the family since when Kabiru was a baby, and even married the sister of a close friend of hers.
“I was home sleeping, and around 2:00 a.m., the police came knocking. They said my son, Kabiru, had a fight with someone and that they were both in a hospital badly wounded. We rushed to the Garkuwa Hospital, and on sighting me, Kabiru said ‘Mama, look at what Alhaji Habu did to me’. I was terrified and dumbfounded because my son was in bad state, and something like water was dripping from his backside.

“Immediately, Alhaji Habu, who was bandaged due to knife cuts on his body, also said ‘Hajiya, look at what Kabiru did to me.’ He said my son came to his house to use his guinea brocade (kaftan) for a wedding ceremony and decided to pass the night. He said that in the night, he felt somebody stabbing him with a knife, and was even calling Kabiru to come to his aid, not knowing that it was Kabiru that was stabbing him.
“I asked him why he didn’t call me to inform me that Kabiru would be passing the night in his house. I said that even if Kabiru stayed late in his house, he should have asked him to leave, since in such (an elitist) area, one could not get a taxi or commercial motorcyclists at late hours. But he said it was my son who came to his house, ate the food he had cooked and vomited, drank tea afterward and decided to sleep in the house, not knowing that he came to rob him.”
She said she could not tell Kabiru’s father the sad story because he is old and very ill; expressing the fear that such a story might worsen his already bad situation.
“All I want is justice to take its course. My son cannot be blackmailed. He (Alhaji Habu) has betrayed trust and I can never forget this sad incident. The religion of Islam is against this kind of thing; the heaven and the earth shake anytime this sin is committed. It is a very bad thing. I must fight for my fundamental human rights,” she said.
It was gathered that Habu’s wife has since deserted the family home, having suspected that her husband was involved in an inappropriate relationship.
At the hospital where Alhaji Habu was receiving treatment, he told reporters that Kabiru was in his house to rob him and succeeded in wounding him with a knife. The reporters were, however, prevented from having a detailed interview with the suspect, based on ‘orders from above’.
When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer for the state police command, DSP Aminu Lawan, said he was aware of the incident but that investigations were still going on to unravel what actually took place during the encounter.


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