(PICZ) 52 Nigerians Arrested in Malaysia, Awaiting Deportation


2 Nigerians were arrested last Sunday 23rd June during a midnight house to house raiding by Malaysian immigration. They raided all houses occupied by Nigerians, they destroyed doors and arrested both unclothed residents. Some guys were not at home at the time of the raiding, but their doors were also destroyed and left open till now.

Ladies,Girls, Sisters, please call that your Malay BF now if, incase the number no dey go, Go wait for am for M.M airport… Lmfao


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  1. Is it only guyz that lives in Malaysia? or they want to lay our guyz off so as to share our ladies amongst themselves? It seems there are no much ladies in Malay… they must be kidding! But why Niger guyz come allow those animals treat them like cawards? where Niger suposed to act, they won’t. But that is if the pix is real!!! I know sey if this story na true, other continent go just Tag Nigeria “Home For All”

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