(PICZ) 20 Year Old Mother Who Drank Herself To Death



A young single mother died after mixing cider, beer and Lambrinis with amphetamines and heroin during an impromptu party with friends.

Former A grade college student Karayn Mcinerney, 20, was found dead in bed at a friend’s flat in the village of Heaton, north of Bolton, by a former flatmate after a night out.

The once-promising student’s life changed dramatically when her grandmother, who had brought her up, died, and Miss Mcinerney began associating with ‘the wrong people’.
Miss Mcinerney was brought up by her grandparents after her mother abandoned her and enjoyed a happy and successful childhood until the age of 12 when her grandmother died, quickly followed by her grandfather.

Her aunt, Emma McInerney, told the hearing: ‘Everything started to go wrong when she lost her gran – it was like losing a mother.

‘She started associating with the wrong people and started to drink.

‘We all struggled very hard. Her friends were the wrong friends. She found it difficult living where her grandparents lived, so exchanged it for a flat. She stopped going to college.’

In November 2012, Miss Mcinerney gave birth to her baby girl and her family hoped she would get back on track.karayn2

But on April 19 this year her brother Aaron, 29, agreed to take his niece for the night so his sister could go out with friends.

The inquest heard from Miss Mcinerney’s former flatmate Tiffany Stevens, who said she had joined her for a drinking session at a friend’s flat after a night out in Bolton town centre.

She said the group drank cider, beer and Lambrini, and said Miss Mcinerney was very drunk.

‘She was acting like crazy,’ said Miss Stevens. ‘She said her stomach was hurting and she went to the bedroom on her own. I went to the room later.karayn3

When I did she looked asleep. I thought she had fallen down the side of the bed and was asleep.’

The next day Mr Mcinerney tried calling his sister to arrange for her to pick up her daughter, but was told by a female who answered the phone that she was still asleep.

His evidence read in court said: ‘At 3.30pm the same girl was crying and said an ambulance had been called because she wasn’t breathing.’

He rushed to the flat and was told by a paramedic that his sister had died.


what a tragedy! y’al we just read & never learn.. smh for some peepz mixing shii & takin overdose like coda n  co.!


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