(PICZ) 2 Students Crushed To Death By A Coca Cola Truck While Being Chased By Policemen After Exams


Ibadan-20130724-00064(1) Ibadan-20130724-00063 Ibadan-20130724-00064 Ibadan-20130724-00065According to eye witness reports (UnilagOlodo.com Reader), 2 Secondary school students have allegedly lost their lives after being crushed by a Cocacola Truck while being chased by Police Men after they were seen loitering in the school after exams.

The students of Oyeshina High School, Monatan Iwo Road Ibadan have set the Coca Cola Truck Ablaze and the Police are trying to restore calm by dispersing tear gas.

May Their Soul Rest in Peace. Details will roll out as we get them.



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