Majek Fashek Turns Born Again, Gives His Life To Christ



Th? iconic mu?i?i?n wh? has b??n b?ttling ?l??h?l ?nd drug addictions h?? finally giv?n hi? life to Chri?t.
Th? tr?ubl?d ?nt?rt?in?r fr?m wh??? f??und imagination emanated hit songs lik? S?nd D?wn The R?in, H?l? S?irit, I&I Experience and so ?n ?ubli?l? embraced Chri?t ?n Sund??, Jun? 23, 2013. Thi? was ?t th? Chri?t Mir??l? Chur?h Mi??i?n, situated ?t Iyasuna Cr????nt, off Ishola B?ll? Str??t, Oj?du, L?g??.

The church i? b?ing l?d b? Pr??h?t P?t?r Abi?l? Ad?bi?i, JP. The Ed? b?rn mu?i?i?n h?d ?tt?nd?d th? ?hur?h’? 7 Sundays ?f An?inting for Breakthrough Service f?r the fir?t tim?, ?nd g?t ??nv?rt?d. M?mb?r? ?f
th? church w?r? thr?wn int? j?? afterwards. In fact, n??rl? ?ll ?f th?m r?j?i??d with him. E????i?ll? when M?j?k w?? h?nd?d th? mi?r??h?n? to d? a ??ng.

Th? ??ng h? ?h??? t? ?ing f?r the ??ngr?g?ti?n w?? ?n? ?f hi? ?l???i??, H?l? Spirit. And as h? did t??r? ?f j?? ?tr??m?d d?wn ??m? of th? members’ f????!

YES Int?rn?ti?n?l! could h?w?v?r n?t ascertain wh?th?r or n?t th? R?gg?? music king in Nig?ri? h?? been regular in church since th?n. Or even wh?th?r some mini?t?r? from CMCM h?v? been following u? ?n him l??t h? b??k?lid?? again. Majek Fashek, obviously in hi? 50?, ?b?ut tw? decades ?g?, dominated the Nigerian mu?i? scene.

A t?t?l musician, he ??uld ?ing, ?l?? th? guit?r ?nd ?l?? the k??b??rd.

St?rting out ?? a m?mb?r ?f th? J?h?tix band, hi? d?but ?lbum, Pri??n?r ?f C?n??i?n??, catapulted his career ?nd life to th? z?nith. Th?n, he w?? still with the d?fun?t T?b?n?i R???rd? ?nd had Ar?hit??t Aig Igi?h?n ?? hi? m?n?g?r. He ?r????d ?v?r to S?n? Mu?i? – ?nd whil? there r???rd?d albums lik? I & I Experience – f??turing popular numbers like M?m? Dede, M?j?k F??h?k Inna New Y?rk ?nd ?? ?n.

Hi? wif?, Rita and one ?f hi? ??n?, Randy ?r? b?li?v?d t? ?till r??id? in Am?ri?? from wh?r? hi? addiction ?r?bl?m i? b?li?v?d t? h?v? b?gun. Now living fr?m hand t? m?uth, M?j?k h?? b??n a shadow ?f his ?ld ??lf ?in?? his r?turn.


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