Lil Wayne Disses Riley Cooper Over Racial Slur


lil wayne

Lil Wayne has responded to NFL player Riley Cooper’s racist rant. Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper was recently fined for a racist rant that was caught on camera at a Kenny Chesney concert. Cooper is seen angrily uttering a racial slur in the clip, after he was allegedly denied backstage access by a black security guard.

Lil Wayne has commented on the situation via twitter, sending a diss Riley Cooper’s way. The rapper responded with the message “Riley Cooper kan suk my ….”

public scrutiny is not the only punishment Cooper is facing, who on top of being fined, has also left the Eagles, who have excused him from all team activities.

“Right now, I think it’s important for me to take some time to reflect on this situation,” the receiver said in an official team statement. “The organization and my teammates have been extremely supportive, but I also realize that there are people who will have a tough time forgiving me for what I’ve done. The best thing for me, and for the team, is to step away for a period of time.”

The Eagles also provided a response to the incident. “Riley Cooper will be seeking counseling and we have excused him from all team activities,” read the statement. “This is all new territory and we are going to evaluate this timetable every step of the way. He will meet with professionals provided by the Eagles during this period of time to better help him understand how his words have hurt so many, including his teammates.”


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