(POEM) This Thing Called LOVE by @Ms_Nayomi



Dear He/She,

I promise…

Underneath this toughened up me you see

There is a venerable soul

I been there, I done that, I seen it all.

It’s not the beginning, neither is it the end.


Love they say is pleasure

This same love is pain

Love they say is heavenly

This same love is deadly


In as much as I am against love

I am also for it

I think….no wait, do I think?

I know…no wait, I don’t think I know


Truth be told

When love shows up

It hits you like a mystery untold

Every bit of humane thinking in you is gone


“Dear He/She

All hope aint lost if you’re hurt,

There is a He/She out there for you

Your own soul mate

After all….

You gotta kiss a couple of frogs to find your own prince/princess”


Oh! What am I saying???

This thing called LOVE….


Dear he/she

I am here for you

I would go that extra mile for you

I would share your pain and happiness with you

I would not sleep, eat or breathe…

Until am sure all is well with you

Now that’s what this thing called LOVE…

Does to you.


Dear he/she,

This thing called LOVE….Is all around you

You don’t even need to search.


Yours truly,

This thing called LOVE…


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