(VIDEO) Awkward Moment When Boyfriend Proposes At Baseball Game And Girlfriend Says NO


Hopeless and romantic David was thrown a curve ball after asking his girlfriend Jessica to marry him at a New Britain Rock Cats minor league game in Connecticut last week.

The couple were on the field answering questions when the announcer passed the microphone to David, who one commenter claims worked for the team.

‘Will you marry me Jessica?’ David asked on one knee.
Stepping back with her hands over her mouth, Jessica stammered: ‘David, I’m sorry, I can’t.’ She then sprinted out of the stadium as the announcer laughed.

‘Sorry, I don’t mean to laugh David, I don’t think we’ve ever had this happen before,’ he said.
The rejected suitor turned as red as his T-shirt as he ran out away, with the mascot still dancing around the field.
Witness, John Poutre, commented on YouTube that he believed the proposal was legitimate.
‘I was there, my first thought was that it was fake. But what would the point of that be?’ he wrote.

‘The guy worked for the team in some way, he ran in the dugout (saw him later) and she ran out of the stadium. All I can say is KNOW THE ANSWER BEFORE ASKING!!!’

David is definitely a learner, he should learn from Peter of P Square, never propose with a range rover on the second hand while the the ring is on the other hand. Lesson taught, lesson learnt.. see video below;



Smh, public disgrace.!!! if na me ehn, i go make sure say she no go marry until she cum straff me o… =))

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