(POEM) Heart Break By @ms_nayomi


Heart Break


You feel me so strong

Like a spear going through your chest

Like a dagger pierced through your back

I become your weakness


You don’t want to shed tears

But you just can’t help it

I sway left and right deep within your soul

You feel the darkness of my wrath

I become your pain


You don’t want to feel

You just can’t help it

I taunt you and use you as my toy

You can’t see me but you feel my presence

I become your hurt


The wound is invisible

Nobody but you knows the spot I lay

You try to reach but I am far…

Buried within you

I become your worst nightmare


Oh my fare one

What will you do?

You need to let me out

How? How? You question


You lay in bed

You fall to the ground

You scream

And you weep


I am here to stay….except I spot my next victim

For heartbreak is my name.


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