Man Kills Himself In Hospital Room After Wife Gives Birth



A man from Houston, USA, committed suicide by shooting himself in his wife’s hospital room on August 11, 2013, Sunday, just three and a half hours after she had given birth to their baby, local police report.
“Family members said he has been distraught recently,” Houston police spokesman Mr. John Cannon said on August 12, 2013, Monday.

The man, whose identity has not been disclosed, shot himself in a private room at Willowbrook Methodist Hospital in Northwest Houston on Sunday afternoon, Mr. Cannon said. The medical staff tried to save his life, but died shortly after being transported to another hospital.

His wife, who gave birth earlier on Sunday, was not injured, and Mr. Cannon said the baby was not in the room at the time.

Although Texas has a law allowing licensed firearms owners to carry concealed weapons, they are prohibited in many places, including hospitals.

Police did not know what kind of gun was used. A spokesperson from the Houston Methodist Hospital would not comment on the incident.


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