(PICZ) 1300 People Including Women And Children Wiped Out In Fresh Syrian Gas Genocide *Viewer Discretion*


Syrian activists accuse President Bashar al-Assad’s forces of launching the nerve gas attack in what would be by far the worst reported use of poison gas in the two-year-old civil war.
Activists said rockets with chemical agents hit the Damascus suburbs of Ain Tarma, Zamalka and Jobar before dawn.

Al Jazeera’s Nisreen El-Shamayleh, reporting from neighbouring Jordan, said there were videos allegedly showing both children and adults in field hospitals, some of them suffocating, coughing and sweating.

The European Union, The American Government and other world forces have condemned the suspected use of chemical weapons by Syrian government forces Wednesday as ‘totally unacceptable’, demanding an immediate investigation.

The attack coincided with the visit by a 20-member U.N. chemical weapons team to Syria to investigate three sites where attacks allegedly occurred during the past year. Their presence raises questions about why the regime – which called the claims of the attack Wednesday “absolutely baseless” – would use chemical agents at this time.

The attack took place at around 3:00 a.m. (local time) and most of those killed were in their homes.

Syria is one of just a handful of countries that are not parties to the international treaty that bans chemical weapons, and Western nations believe it has caches of undeclared mustard gas, sarin and VX nerve agents.

The Syrian government has also denied the claims of being responsible for the chemical weapons attack … more picz below;

Dead bodies of Syrian children after an alleged poisonous gas rocket attack fired by regime forces
Dead bodies of Syrian children after an alleged poisonous gas rocket attack fired by regime forces

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