Thief Tries To Steal Kim’s BFF Jonathan Cheban $500k Watch Minutes After Boasting About It On Instagram


You know Kim’s bestfriend Jonathan Cheban? I guess you do. Well, he was eating outside at a restaurant when a group of women came to take pictures with him.Shortly after that, he posted images of his wrist flaunting his $500,000 Jacob & watch on instagram with the caption‘I think I overdressed my wrist today with my @jacobandco …22 karat’s is a bit much for daytime LOL,’

The funny part was, he also posted his location.

the watch
the watch

According to a source, minutes later, a guy walked over to him and started asking questions.Thinking it was a fan,’Jonathan was very friendly. But then the guy grabbed Jonathan . . . and tried to steal his half-million-dollar watch! Jonathan fought back to stop him, and he pushed Jonathan to the floor,’ A security guard intervened,the robber escaped without the watch.


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