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Belly fats are fats that you can’t see or grab) is the fat tissue deposited in the mid section of the body around the abdominal organs, usually leads to abdominal obesity (pot belly) and there are three types of fats, ( Triglycerides fat, intra muscular fat and Visceral fat).

1•Triglycerides fat: Are storage of fat in our bloodstream, fatty acids that act as the basic building blocks of fats,excess intake of calories convert to triglycerides.

2•Intra muscular fat: Is the classification of fat Storage that can be seen easily on the:
•Hips and all around the skeletal muscle.

3•Visceral fat: Is intra-abdominal fat that store in the internal organs like:
•Heart and the arteries.
Excess of visceral fat lead to abdominal obesity known as (pot belly) these fats are very bad and deadly for the body system, pose big risk of getting insulin ,type2 diabetics, heart diseases and breast cancer to mention few.


The research team of  International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, suggests that combining cardiovascular exercise with resistance training is more effective than cardiovascular training alone in getting rid of abdominal fat, can help to reduce insulin level, eat well balanced diet rich with lots of  fruits, veggies, legumes, whole grains, olive oil, refine sugar and fish? all these help in keeping off fats

Do some abdominal crunches exercises
1•ABDOMINAL SIT-UP CRUNCH: Lay flat on the floor or couch hook your legs tight with something, Put your two hands close and firm behind your neck, try move up and down, if you find it difficult support by putting pillow under your butt to make you more comfortable, try 15-30 rep

2•ABDOMINAL LEG RACE WITH HAND STRETCHING: Lay flat on the floor or couch, race your two legs straight firm up, stretch your two hands over the head, move it forward to touch your toes, then move back to the starting point, try 15-30 rep this exercises will help you burn belly fat and shrinks the size of the fat cells in your belly but if you find this exercises difficult to do, Hire a personal trainer to help you stay motivated and active.

Tips by sawdiq wealthcom (@Swaqdig)
Fitness trainer, wellness specialist, massage and beauty therapist.

sawdiqwealthcom@yahoo.com or contact: +2348082483171


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