Mothers Plan Naked Protest Against Underage Marriage Bill


The Christian Association of Nigeria (Women Wing) in Abuja said it would write a letter to the National Assembly to protest against underage girl child marriage being spearheaded by some lawmakers including Senator Ahmed Yerima.

The National Chairperson of WOWICAN, Mrs. Oyinsola Onyin, said this after the association’s quarterly executive meeting in preparation for its convention scheduled for October in Owerri, the Imo State capital.

She said Christian women and mothers in Nigeria would go naked to oppose the law should the lawmakers ignore the protest and enact a law that favours underage girl-child marriage.

Asked what WOWICAN would do if the lawmakers vote in favour of underage girl child marriage, she said, “I pray that will not happen. But if it happens, look, don’t underrate anybody. If it happens, mothers will go naked.

“No right thinking mother will support the marriage despite that it favours a few people in Nigeria.”

She queried if all the female lawmakers and others occupying prominent positions in public and private circles had married at 13 they would not be where they were today.

“If they do not have proper education will they be able to perform? Why is it that all the time we are bashing the girl child and women?” she queried.

According to her, WOWOCAN has not rested on its oars in terms of girl- child empowerment and inculcating edifying moral values on their children.

She noted that WOWICAN had always insisted that parents live by example and never to allow their business and career deprive them of the opportunity of playing their roles.

The chairperson said the association had been organising capacity building programmes for girls to acquire skills that would empower them financially.

Onyin stated that the onslaught on the girl child had become worrisome as incidences of rape had been on the increase.

She said, since the association had realised that most rape victims hardly speak out, WOWICAN had encouraged them to speak out so that the issue can be addressed.


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