(PICZ) Notting Hill Carnival 2013


Participants in their hundreds of thousands descended on the west London streets as they are turned up for Europe’s largest street part. Performers wearing a vivid array of stunning costumes paraded through the streets under glorious Bank Holiday sunshine. It was a Caribbean party of dance, music, floats and food.

Enjoy more of the colourful pictures below …article-2402180-1B78708C000005DC-432_470x689 article-2402180-1B784A21000005DC-175_964x635 article-2402180-1B7870D0000005DC-40_470x689 article-2402180-1B78AB80000005DC-784_964x811 article-2402180-1B7846EE000005DC-715_470x707 article-2402180-1B7880AC000005DC-359_964x664 article-2402180-1B788C74000005DC-98_470x744 article-2402180-1B789EF4000005DC-480_964x641 article-2402180-1B78711C000005DC-460_470x695 article-2402180-1B789E6A000005DC-21_964x641 article-2402180-1B78AA5C000005DC-343_964x726 article-2402180-1B7870A4000005DC-904_470x695

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