21 Year Old Woman Dedicates Her Life To Sleeping With 100,000 Men


21 year old Polish woman, Ania Lisewka, (pictured above) has vowed to travel to every city across the world in a bizarre quest to sleep with 100,000 men.

According to reports, Ania, who has a serious boyfriend, has already embarked on her mission and has slept with 284 men so far, starting with cities in her home country, Poland. article-0-1B8818E7000005DC-705_638x398

Anna told the Austrian Times: ‘I want men from Poland, Europe and all around the world. I love sex, fun and men. In Poland the subject of sex is still taboo and anyone who wants to fulfill their sexual fantasies is considered a deviant, a w**** or mentally ill.’

Ania is so determined to complete her task that she’s set up a Facebook page and a website to keep people (interested in her exploits) up to date with her sex marathon…


Lol, i trust my naija peepz, em go bill am and give her come over package ==))


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