(VIDEO) Timberland Will Be Bringing Michael Jackson Back With New Tracks..


Michael-Jackson-102112You know you are royalty when kings acknowledge you. The royalty we are talking about today is none other than the late and great Michael Jackson.

“To even go bigger would be to have two kings working together. That king would be none other than Michael Jackson. So I have a lot of unreleased Michael Jackson. L.A. Reid came to my house and asked me if I wanted to work on some of Michael’s stuff. I said of course. It would complete my legacy. First song will be “Chicago”. We (Michael and I) talked on the phone. Me and Big (Notorious B.I.G.) were supposed to work also but he got shot a day before my birthday. After I do Michael Jackson I will be the man.” (Revolt)

‘Michael and Big may not be here in body, but they will always be here in spirit’ Says Timberland..

well,It seems Timberland will have the chance to bring one of these kings back. check the clip below;


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