(ARTICLES) Strange Facts About Pawpaw To Cure Asthma, Pile And Impotience By @Swagdiq


Paw-paw is a benefial fruit to health
Its a native tree to South America, paw paw is sweet low in calories but is benefits is greater than is good taste,
Paw paw is a special fruit with 22 plants and trees , it’s rich in dietary fibers and antioxidants with lots of medicinal and therapeutic purpose.

Pawpaw contain minerals and vitamins A, C, E , calcium and iron, that strenghten the
•immune system
•nerves and muscles.

Benefits of paw paw

•Paw-paw help indigestion because it has enzymes that help break down protein and convert them to amino acid.

•paw-paw help rheumatoid, arthritis and aid injuries quick recovery because it has anti-inflamatory property in it component.

•paw-paw is a good treatment ingredient to boost immune system , cure cold, impotient, cancer and ulcer

How to cure asthma, pile and impotience with pawpaw

{1}Asthma treatment: burn dried pawpaw leafs inhale the smoke everyday but at night is preferable, continue treatment till symptoms disappear.

{2}Pile treatment: boil some roots of pawpaw and take half class cup twice daily.

{3}Impotence treatment: get two unripe pawpaw fruits slice into pieces combine the seeds and peel, boil it together with eight big cups of water ,drink half glass cup of the dosage thrice daily.

This treatments may look too simple though but they are natural medicines very good for asthma attack, pile and impotence treatments.


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