International Community Frowns At Nigeria Scientist Who Says His Experiment Proves That Gay Marriage Is WRONG


The international Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender(LGBT) community is seriously frowning at the findings of a Nigerian scientist who says his ‘groundbreaking’ research proves that been gay wrong.
Chibuihem Amalaha, who has won awards in Nigeria for reporting on energy science and featured on various national television stations, says he used a magnet experiment to prove homosexuality is “improper”.
Amalaha says his “groundbreaking” experiments show the north and south poles of two magnets are attracted to each other while same poles repel each other.

Chibuihem Amalaha, a University of Lagos post graduate student, told that “God gave me the wisdom to use science as a scientist to prove gay marriage is wrong.”

“In the area of physics, I used physics with experiments, I used chemistry with experiments, I used biology with experiments and I used mathematics to prove gay marriage [is] wrong.”

Amalaha used magnets in his physics experiment to prove his theory.

“To start with, physics is one of the most fundamentals of all the sciences and I used two bar magnets in my research,” he said. “A bar magnet is a horizontal magnet that has the North Pole and the South Pole and when you bring two bar magnets and you bring the North Pole together you find that the two North Poles will not attract. They will repel, that is, they will push away themselves showing that a man should not attract a man. If you bring two South Poles together you find that the two South Poles will not attract indicating that same sex marriage should not hold. A female should not attract a female as South Pole of a magnet does not attract the South Pole of a magnet. But, when you bring a North Pole of a magnet and a South Pole of a magnet they will attract because they are not the same, indicating that a man will attract a woman because of the way nature has made a female. Even in physics when you study what is called electrostatics, you found that when you rub particles together they don’t attract each other but when you rub particle in another medium they will attract each other. For example, if you use your biro and rub it on your hair, after rubbing, try to bring small pieces of paper they will attract because one is charged while the other one is not charged. But if both of them are charged they don’t attract, which means that man cannot attract another man because they are the same, and a woman should not attract a woman because they are the same. That is how I used physics to prove gay marriage wrong.”

“[M]athematics has shown that gay marriage is wrong because commutativity proves that gay marriage is wrong. Idempotency also proves that gay marriage is wrong.”

Biology proves that “gay marriage is wrong” because the “sperm in the man alone doesn’t produce a child and ovary in the female alone does not produce a child.”

“A woman on top of a woman will have no reaction, that is what chemistry is showing. Even in chemistry when you also use a process called electrolysis, which is if you use electrolysis of acidilated water, that is water you drop some droplets of acid on it, you found that the negative ions will be attracted to the positive ones while the positive ions will be attracted to the negative ones.”

“In general, same sex is evil.”

“My ambition is to go beyond the sky,” he concluded. “I want to reach the level God has destined me to reach. I want to be the first African to win Nobel Prize in science because as I am talking to you now [no] African has ever won Nobel Prize in science.”

“It’s debatable as to whether the embarrassing article is more damming of the standard of education at the University of Lagos or of the standard of journalism at This Day,” says Luiz DeBarros, a South African LGBT activist. “The uncritical and uninformed article is likely to add to the ignorance and prejudice surrounding homosexuality in Nigeria.”


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