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“I’m not having the children, I’m giving the children!”
DMX is out here giving kids to eerybody according to his latest interview with Dr. Phil. Earlier this month, when it was announced that X was returning to TV for a sit-down with Dr. Phil, folks were hoping and praying that he didn’t go off like he did on Iyanla: Fix My Life. This time around he was much more calm, but in true DMX style he was direct, brutally honest and didn’t hold back on how he felt about anything. During the sit-down, Dr. Phil addressed the major issues in the rapper’s life, like why he’s been arrested 25 times, what made him think it was okay to run butt-naked through a hotel hallway and if drinking and smoking a little weed is good for a drug addict.
Dr. Phil also addressed DMX’s 11 kids (and one on the way) by six different women, asking him if he thought it was time to start using some birth control, especially since he’s already $1.23 million in the hole with child support. Surprisingly, DMX had a well-thought out answer for that and other questions thrown his way throughout the interview.
By the end of the segment, not much was accomplished except we now know that DMX doesn’t really take accountability for his actions, he loves himself and he’s living with no regrets.
Peep some excerpts:
On why he wouldn’t let Dr. Phil interview his mother
Me and my mother, we had a difficult start. She did the best that she could. Regardless of how rough our past was, we’re in a good place now. I don’t want anything to interfere with that. No questions, no bringing up the past.
On why he wanted to go on the Dr. Phil show
I just want people to get an honest perception. You get these little 10-second news segments, ‘Rapper DMX did this,’ and ‘Rapper DMX did that.’ Stop being negative.
On why he ran naked through a hotel hallway
It was a bet. It was a dare. The dare was order room service and run through the hallway naked. I’ll do that. It wasn’t about if it was a good or bad idea, it was just ‘I’ll do that.’
On if he was advised to not go on Dr. Phil
Yes I was because of the prior situation with Iyanla and you guys kind of fall under the Oprah umbrella and it’s like, ‘Don’t even do it, it’s not worth it,’ and I said, ‘You know what? I just need people to look at me as I speak and know who I am by what I say. Not by what you see in the newspaper and not by what you read.’ You can tell a lot by a person by looking them in their eyes.
On what he thinks were his biggest mistakes
I wouldn’t redo anything because it got me right here, where I’m at right now, and I’m in a good place. No regrets.
On his kids
[I have] 11 [children]. And one on the way.
Why are you having so many children?
I’m not having the children. I’m giving them the children. They’re well taken care of. I’m a big influence in all of their lives. I love all of my children. I do see them and speak to them when I can. I do have a relationship with my children. I love my children. I would never be apart [from] my children’s lives.
Doesn’t it get expensive?
Yes it does, and time consuming. If you can provide and be there for them, then you should have them.
Are you $1.23 million behind in child support?
Yes I am, and the reason being is at the time I was making $13 million a year. So, if I’m making $13 million then I can pay that, but I haven’t made that in about 10 years so of course I’m behind in payments, but the children are taken care of.
On his drug addiction problems
I’m always going to have a drug problem, I don’t have to get high. I smoke weed, I drink, yes. That’s it. One day that will be gone because like I said, my faith is in God. He’s not removing it all at once but I’m taking steps every day to get better and to get where I need to be.
On if he thinks one day he’ll be smoking weed and drinking and he’ll go back to a dark place
That doesn’t worry me. God has a plan for me. Wherever I’m at is where God placed me at. If I need help getting up out of there, He’ll help me get up out of there. I’m not worried about where I’m at. […]Whatever has happened was supposed to happen.
On not living with regrets
I’m gonna say it one more time: I would not change one aspect of my life because it got me to where I am right now and I’m in a good place with God.
Phil: Well, I keep asking that because it doesn’t make sense.
It doesn’t have to make sense to you, it makes sense to me. And I’m the one living this life. And I’m walking this planet, and that’s why these people love me.

One thing I’ve learned is not to accept anybody’s belief about how they feel about me. Because if you believe what they tell you when you’re on top of the world and you’re the king, you’re gonna believe them when they tell you that you ain’t s–t. So it’s like, you know what? Appreciate the compliment if it’s a compliment, but I’m going to stick to what I believe about myself and I love me.

Watch DMX with Dr. Phil below:


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