Rick Ross Clarifies Reebok Situation..


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Everyone remembers the controversy that surrounded one particular lyrics in Rick Ross’ “U.O.E.N.O,” which resulted in the MMG rapper being dropped from his sponsorship for Reebok. The talk has finally calmed down, and we’ve actually seen Ross sporting Reebok gear in his videos, which had many wondering if he’s in the process of working things out with the company. Rozay sat down with MTV to speak on the situation with himself and the shoe company.

As far as another sponsorship, nothing has been put in motion at this point, according to Ross, who said that his brand loyalty is only out of love for the product. “Not really, not really,” he replied, when asked if he was back in business with Reebok. “It’s just more based on the natural…. what I just feel like rocking, and that’s Reebok a lot of times.”

The MMG Boss elaborated on his respect for the brand. “I still represent and show love to Reebok. They’ve showed me so much love in the past and I just feel good reppin’,” explained Rozay. “I feel like it’s a dope sneaker as well, so that’s what it is.”

The Miami rapper also took the opportunity to reiterate his apology. “Of course I just wanted to ultimately apologize to any women I offended and all the women that were offended,” he said. “I just want to make that clear.”

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