(VIDEO) 4 Cobras Guard Baby Without Harming Her


A video recently uploaded to YouTube showing venomous snakes standing guard around a baby has gone viral and shocked the online community.
Four snakes are seen sitting next to the baby, two at each side. The child is seen wrapping her arms around one of the snakes, as if it was a teddy bear.
The video showed the baby lying on a blanket, in the sand, while the four snakes surrounded her. The snakes are guarding the child at four sides like canopy poles at the corners of a bed.
Many viewers were horrified by the video.

“How can any parent leave their baby with snakes?” One person wrote.

Other viewers were more skeptical saying that snakes are common in India, and are not venomous. Others pointed out that teeth from cobras are often removed making them totally harmless.

Download Video HERE

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