Ethiopian Chick Claims Wizkid Has Been Texting Her Roommate


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The Babe pictured above  claimed on Twitter a few hours ago that Wizkid has been texting and ‘bothering’ her roommate who is also an Ethiopian babe.. we don’t know how true this is but you know people can do anything to trend..lol0 (18)

she was dissed by some Nigerians who saw her tweet.  awon teamWizkid,  see tweets below;0 (19) 03 (8) 3 (29) 3 (30) 04 (2) 2 (39) 0 (20) 1 (34) 5 (8)

if i was online dat moment, i wuld curse dat biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!   wats her own p?  je’un lo wiizzzzzy!


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