(MUST READ) An Open Letter To Wande Coal By @mobolsgun



“Say hello to the man of the year – Obago”
That line is definitely from Phyno, that dude is talented.
The black one is here. And he’s forever, diamonds are forever. And the battle for music listenership is also forever.

I smell a rat. Something is smelling. Heyy you, please go check who’s at the door.

Yo bruh – it’s Wande.

Let him in.

••Curtains fall••

Wande, the earlier you started realizing that your welcome is for a short period of time, the better for you.

Mr black Diamond, why persecutest thine music lovers by your despicable act of insubordination and arrogance?

Why have you heaped Coal on yourself and have chosen to Wande(r) in search for one who can banj your fire?

I won’t take my readers through a long note of how you were ‘made whole’ from your self titled ‘Mushin to Mo’Hits. That transformation was epic and that settled the fee of history. But I must make you realize that Don Baba J made a successful impact in your life.

Wande – you can’t eat your cake and have it. I’ve been an ardent listener of your songs and my favorite of all your songs still remain “You Bad”.

Wande – you’re definitely and literarily bad.

Have you heard. “I’m fucking with the devil, no condoms I’m doing it evil” that’s from another talented dude; Olamide. Unfortunately, you are treading the path of irrelevance and you’re doing yourself no single good but evil by going in with d’Banj

What I see in you is lack of sincerity to self, fans and boss. Arrogance also. No doubt – you are a good writer, a good singer and a budding entrepreneur but you just washed them all away.

In brief a couple of questions to be considered;

Why did Wande leave Mavin?

What is his business with d’Banj?

Why is he not floating his Black Diamond Label outfit?

On what basis is his exit from Mavin formed?

Wande – you’re definitely my man of the year with qualities like sheer folly, inconsistency and shaky lifestyle.

You’re simply going from being a motorboy to an advanced agbero on the music scene.

Let me explain, leaving Mavin to stay with d’Banj is one of the wackiest I’ve heard in recent times.

Not floating your record label is also something of fright to me.

Music is not to be joked with. Emotions attached to your genre of music should be guided jealously and not to be let loose.
Unfortunately, you’re lost in transition in the whole of the Nigeria music diet.

Wande rose to fame when Wizkid was still busy checking for his School sandals and bag; when even Davido was just waking up from his sleep.

Take a look at these young men and how much they’ve been able to feed other young men under them. Wande, how many have you signed and fed?

This is an open letter to you from my very quiet heart.

Wande – Have you not made enough to purchase your own apartment or float your own record label?
Your homeboy – Mister May D just got himself one.

Moving in with d’Banj and getting signed to his Recording Label Outfit further fingers you as a Black Wolf in the Mavin fold.

You’re taking sides and aiding fan base war.

I’ll make something clear to you.

While you were with Mo’Hits you pledged allegiance to the Label. O na she o.

Don Jazzy is a Centurion while D’Banj is a man of the Century.

Don’t forget the attribute of the two. Choosing to stay with a Man of the century can bring you quick fame – no doubt, also because he’s famous and commands respect – Ohh maybe he’s the highest paid also.

A centurion is a man of valour and will possibly do everything in his capacity to groom you which he did.

Forget the rants on the Social media space about your song theft and all, it’s immaterial compared to the Grand Mental theft you had on yourself by moving in with d’Banj and also getting signed to his record label.

I can only advise you to surround yourself with people who can ‘dream’ and can ‘do’. With people who believe on your strength and will do everything to help you grow. Don saw greatness in you and he polished it even when you did not see it.

The sparkle shall diminish away if you don’t practically put it to use.

Wande – do not act as if your talent has to be dug beneath the ground.

Truth be told Wande – has anyone told you you can never be D’Banj?
Please be aware – you can’t!

But moving in with D’Banj – I hope you’ll learn to read the signs and understand what it means to move in with a demon.


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  1. This Guy is Just hating…..so we tell him go get a life…so judgmental…like say ihn and don jazzy dey live together! #MOFOS

  2. The writer of this letter obviously is one sided and judgmental. U made some valid point of him not been able to grow beyond is talent but attributing the reason and blame mere on unreasonable sentiments.

    You thought u cleverly made some points by stating some whack facts but unfortunately every one can’t be fool with your so called “constructive criticism”

    Get a life bro….

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