Press Release: Dialogue Is The Way, Affirms PMAN


Kevin Lucianno

Press Release: Dialogue is the way, affirms PMAN.

Date: Monday November 18th, 2013

Faculty Head, Press Relations and Media, PMAN: Laide Kudaisi 08062329096.

The Interim president of PMAN, Kevin Lucianno, has called for caution as the spat between BON (Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria) and COSON (Copyright Society of Nigeria) continues unresolved. BON had queried COSON’s unbridled manner of approach as it concerns receiving artists’ royalties in the country
COSON, reports as claimed arbitrarily decides on the amount it charges intellectual property users for property owners, especially those on the list of COSON.
Kevin, who expressed disgust with the manner in which the misunderstanding between COSON and BON has evolved, said the issue at hand could be amicably resolved and that there was no need for both parties to take on each other without considering the musicians who are in the thick of the issue.
Kevin Lucianno, also assured that PMAN would wade in as matters have taken an embarrassing turn following the outbursts between cohorts of BON and members of COSON in the media over the issue of royalty collection in Nigeria.
He has called for caution as the spat between BON and COSON continues unresolved. He said “as the industry continues to enjoy success in bounds, it will portend division to outsiders that the industry’s stakeholders have found it somewhat impossible to sit dialogue and come to a benefiting resolution.
At this juncture, PMAN will deliberate on the issue with the intention of resolving it. We can’t just sit and watch as things degenerate.


BON had queried COSON’s unbridled manner of approach as it concerns royalties collection in the country. .


“Musicians are not happy with the manner in which the issue of royalties has taken this rather embarrassing turn, especially amongst major entertainment stakeholders in Nigeria. The new administration of the union is interested in working with all stakeholders in a mutually benefiting manner as we know that we all need each-other to excel.”


Through this rebranding, PMAN embraces its history while looking into the future with a revival slogan “NO MUSIC NO LIFE “, encouraging upcoming and existing Nigerian musicians around the world to become members of the union.

The rebranding of the union comes with a new office located in Opebi Ikeja, one of the central areas of Lagos State. Office filled with young, smart and approachable employees who ensure to give effective services to customers.

As the all new PMAN grows and moves forward, they plan to significantly increase their relevance in the society and stay committed to their members.


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