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cover for rollykeysz editsz InterviewHi Rolayo! First of all we would like to thank you for taking the time to provide Olodo Nation with this interview. Could you firstly introduce yourself to our readers and how you fit into the world of design?

My names are Atunwa Rolayo, Nick and stage name rollYKeysz,i am from Epe,lagos state.

I am a lover of originality coupled with nature which helps me bring out creativity on a higher definition. I guide my works with (VISON,CREATIVITY,BEYOND VIEWS)


When did you first discover a flare for design and who or what inspires your work today?

I discovered my passion for designing  3 years ago which was all i spent each day doing which aided me in constant practice and development in designing. Basically my environment inspires me, where  i find myself and few designers like FAMOUS GRAPHICS,DUDU WORKS AND  WEIRD STUDIO


How would you describe your course and lifestyle at Obafemi Awolowo University?

Hmmm, ARCHITECTURE. Great  course! Architecture is one field that require lot of time to be creative and accurate which require one to be calm and patient but my lifestyle is partially the other way round, I’m the extreme social type that gets everyone entertained and happy and giving my best at it. But with God grace, Both sectors are managed well  


You have worked on a few projects in and out of University, could you take us through a couple of them?

 Basically, this year has been really challenging and made me realise the essentials of being a designer. Working  for  different  clients and organisation with school assignment requires planning and solid organisation and this has helped me in balancing the whole system.  


Apart from the profits, what type of satisfaction do you get from your work?

Inner joy and peace when i put smile on people faces and after passing a message across with my works


What’s been your most interesting project?

My most interest projects are all the divisions of rollYKeysz EditSZ (ModelSZ RER,True WordSZ, #REM) all these sectors gives me new challenges and ideas


We see that you have a passion for music as well as graphic design, how are you involved in the Nigerian entertainment scene?

I am a multi-talented person i must confess, I’ve not really been in any choir group(only in high school) or any music group since my childhood days but I’ve always been asked to join the choir by my family members because of the potentials they saw and asking me to work on myself  by joining the choir.  In 2011, i met TOKUNBO CHORD the son of JIDE CHORD who has been ma pillar in music.

fused from rollykeysz editsz

What Genre of music do you make and what official singles have you put out so far?

My main Genres are R’N’B AND RAP. I’ve gone for a few shows and dropped some mixtapes & freestyle but dropping my singles soon.


What aspirations and plans have you set yourself for the future?

I have been waiting for this one, I PICTURE the FUTURE of rollYKeysz EditSZ ,I CAPTURE having a mega studio both for music and photography and graphics and helping  youths to develop their selves  through their inner creativity and spreading good works across the world.  


Which social networks do you use the most and where can our readers find you online and how can prospective clients reach you?

Twitter: @rollYKeysz

Facebook: rollYKeysz Rawlyor

Web Site: http://rollykeyszeditsz.blogspot.com

BBpin: 285F1123

OFFICIAL LINE: 08180657228 


Finally, a light question to finish! Which 5 objects could you not bear to live without and why?

1.My phones: That the easiest medium to get across to you, yes You!

2.My  WORKING SYSTEMS: That where i build my graphics from

3 MY INTERNET-“WIFI,MODEM”: TO keep myself updated and get to learn new things with new ideas

4.MY MUSIC GADGETS:  Its get me to my zone of graphic world

5.My Refrigerator: All the refreshment i need in life are there, no messing with my food) 

Thanks Rolly, all the best for the future! Keep tabs with Rolayo on his website at http://rollykeyszeditsz.blogspot.com and @rollYKeysz on Twitter. 


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